Got a prayer need or request? Join us vi

Got a prayer need or request? Join us via phone, or send in your requests to #EnduranceChurch #Enduranceprays

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Eternity is on the horizon. Trust in the

Eternity is on the horizon. Trust in the words of Jesus – spend time with the One who loves you MOST! #OurTrueHome #EnduranceChurch

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Heaven is worth the wait! #EnduranceChur

Heaven is worth the wait! #EnduranceChurch #OurTrueHome #TrustJesus

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Sacrifice what pleases you, in order to

Sacrifice what pleases you, in order to glorify God! Be faithful to run the race that God has assigned you. #EnduranceChurch

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Endurance Small Groups Starting at 7pm!

Endurance Small Groups Starting at 7pm! We’ll save you a seat! #EnduranceChurch #LiveWellFinishStrong #EnduranceSmallGroups

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Bible Study starts at 6:30pm! Come dig i

Bible Study starts at 6:30pm! Come dig into the Word with us! #EnduranceChurch #LiveWellFinishStrong

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I am a Minnesotan and a Christian

I live in Minnesota and I am a Minnesotan. Despite where I have lived or where I have been in the past, I associate with Minnesota now and with the people here. I love the state fair, the fall colors and most of the 159 different types of “hot dish” I have eaten. The fact is I believe that not only am I part of what makes up Minnesota, but that Minnesota is part of what makes up me.
I believe in God. Am I a Christian? I go to church, attend small group and ask for God’s forgiveness for my sins. Does that mean I am a Christian though? I pray for our church and others. Does that make me a Christian? To me, being a Christian doesn’t just mean that I go to church on Sunday or that I believe God exists. To me, being a Christian, like being a Minnesotan, means that I live in God and that I realize that God lives in me. It means despite what I have been or done in the past, that I trust God and seek his path for my life. It means that I belong to something much bigger than just a state. I belong to the Creator of all things.
What does being a Christian mean to you? Pray about it and when you hear God speak to you, I pray that you will listen.

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Risks and Rewards

It has been said that “with great risk, comes great reward.” The problem tends to be the “risk” part of that statement. Have you ever passed up on an opportunity because you were afraid of the risks? Have you remained silent instead of asking a certain someone out on a date or asking your boss for a raise? The unknown is a powerful and scary thing. It often causes people to shy away from anything new or potentially risky. If you never take that risk you may have a life but you are certainly going to miss out on truly living.

What I would recommend is to take risks. I’m not saying quit your job to become an astronaut. That may not realistically be achievable. What I am recommending is that you take calculated risks. Weigh the risks and the rewards of your actions and take action on those things that could have the most positive impact on your life and those around you. You will find that some rewards are worth the risk.

As Christians, the good news that we can share carries with it the risks too. If you share the love of Christ with someone there is a chance of being rejected or ridiculed. It could change your relationship with that person…or…you could help that person come to know Jesus. They could receive his forgiveness and be granted eternal life in heaven. Is that reward worth the risk? As you look at your friends and your family ask yourself, are they worth the risk? I hope the answer is YES!

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Take A New Perspective

Perspective is an amazing gift. As humans we tend to perceive things the way they affect us. For example, when someone goes speeding past us on the road we label them a jerk or  mumble something about how they should slow down. What if that person was rushing to see their child being born? Does your perspective change? What if they were trying to get to a nursing home before a loved one passed so they could say goodbye? Are they still a jerk? What would you mumble then?

Have you ever had someone ask you to go to church with them or try to share their faith with you?  How did you label them? Did you reject them or think differently of them?

As a human I know that all of us will die some day. As a Christian I also know that after death we are all going to heaven or hell.  When christians share their faith, what they are really saying is that they care about you. You mean enough to that person that they want you to be in heaven with them.  Take the time to see their perspective and to think about their intentions. They are not sharing their faith out of greed or for personal gain. They are sharing it out of love for you.  So even if you are not ready to welcome God into your heart, don’t be upset that someone shared their faith with you. Be joyful that someone cared enough to want you to join them in heaven.

I pray that God touches the heart of those who are invited to hear more about Him. I pray that He gives every christian the boldness to share His message out of love for others. Finally, I pray that He provides the opportunity to share that message with as many people as possible for you and for me.

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Our 1st Local Missions Event!

Gearing up for Our 1st Local Missions Event with @Mngrsonamission! Let’s GO! #EnduranceChurch #Missions #JesusChrist

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